If you ever wondered what could be the crucial documents and other necessities that you will need for a medical malpractice review, then this is for you. In simple terms, to prepare yourself and make everyone more comfortable, make sure to provide all of the documents mentioned bellow that you have to your attorney.

After a medical professional injured you or a loved one, you may feel overwhelmed by the situation. If you are considering filing a medical malpractice case, the idea of beginning the process could be adding stress to the already tense situation. However, meeting with a medical malpractice attorney should be a positive experience. To help you feel comfortable with making that first step, here are some documents we recommend providing these documents to your attorney.

Medical Records

When you leave a hospital or medical facility, you receive medical documents either in person or online that detail everything administered or performed during your visit. These documents contain important notes about your stay as a patient. Nonetheless, this doesn’t always happen, and the records are not appropriately administered. In that case, an experienced medical malpractice lawyer can help track down the medical records for you to make sure there are no discrepancies. 

Medical Bills

Always keep your medical bills and related financial paperwork on file after being treated at any medical facility. These are precious pieces of evidence that can be used later to determine how much financial loss you had compared to an average, satisfied patient. In addition, medical bills can verify administered medication or treatment costs as a second source.

Prescription Information

Typically, doctors send prescription information directly to your pharmacy of choice for pickup. It is possible to obtain this information from the pharmacy itself. Make sure to provide a copy of the medications you were prescribed, as well as the dosage. Both are essential in determining and building a medical malpractice case. 

Health Insurance Records

Insurance coverage is vital in determining if you were overcharged for something or prescribed an unnecessary medication that insurance didn’t cover. Medical insurance is also helpful in verifying records. 

Lost Wages/Time Off Records

If you needed to take unwanted time off from your occupation due to your medical malpractice caused injury, provide any record of the dates and reasons you took time off. This is evidence that can help support the pain and suffering claim. 

If you have access to any other documents you think might help, offer them to your attorney. Even if they cannot be used in the case, they still may be helpful in gathering or verifying information. 

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